Season 2 Of ‘Suno Chanda’ Has Been Announced And Fans Could Not Be Happier!

Season 2 Of 'Suno Chanda' Has Been Announced And Fans Could Not Be Happier

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After such a huge success of Suno Chanda, here comes season 2 of it. Well, Pakistanis loved this drama and it went viral across the country. Because of the best chemistry of its cast and characters, people loved it very much. It was the most trending drama at the time when it was aired.

People also loved the acting and chemistry of Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz. Also, the awesome chemistry of their characters Arsal and Jiya was loved by the people.


After the ending of its first season, people started demanding for the second season of the serial. Now it has been confirmed by the producer of the serial that the serial Suno Chanda will be aired as Season 2 again with the same cast. The BBC reporter, Haroon Rashid, recently tweeted about its confirmation from Momina Duraid that it will be aired and its shooting will start very soon. A little change in the cast will do. Well, it’s a good news for Suno Chanda fans.

And here is how people reacted to this!

100000% Right!

Suggestions For Momina Duraid


Best Wishes For Iqra And Farhan

Same Same!

Ye Intezaar Kab Khatam Hoga???

Yes, Haroon, We’ll Love To See Them On Your Show

Hamza Ali Abbasi Should Replace Jalaal, What Do You Say?

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