This Band Is Shattering Eye-opening Loopholes Of Our Society Through Their Music & It’s Really Awesome

Pakistan is a country bleeding with immeasurable socio-political dilemmas that pretty much depict a grim picture of life here in Pakistan.

Throughout the years, our people have suffered in countless terms. Life has gripped us by the throat, we feel helpless and ultimately crushed under the tide of daunting issues surrounding our country. It is a pretty appalling picture when you have an insight into the typical lives of people.

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Those who vowed and waged against the crumbling dilemmas have been silenced. Those idealists who aspire to make a difference have not been heeded support and are basically put away in oblivion. People are flocking towards a trifling life plan and no one seems to care. In these circumstances, Pakistanis, a voice being let down under catastrophic conditions is what’s left of us.

But then where backdrops as such in our society which taint the prospect of a prosperous nation have entailed, efforts are still engaged in putting out the fire that burns the hopes and dreams of Pakistanis.

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The band Sarkash aims to dedicate their music as an attempt to address these issues and provide a token of redemption for people. They believe music can change a lot and here it is their way of making a difference.

There hasn’t been a better depiction of issues our society bleeds from than what Sarkash presents

Sarkash depicts it successfully by a mile. There could not be a better attempt. The creativity in putting aspects together and incorporating into an art that speaks loud and clear of what we suffer from. The subject matter here is the common man of Pakistan and how he continues to be the stooge of tantrums waging against him.

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This attempt is personal. It is intricate but engrossing. You are driven through a kaleidoscope of emotions and it is a defining moment where sentiments of all Pakistanis meet. A few songs have superbly reflected the catastrophes being a part of every common man’s life in a rhetoric manner which is really different than our conventional music standards.

The band emphasizes on our individual responsibilities we love to ignore

It is supremely easy to play the blame game. When anything goes off, we downright put the blame on others. We tend to forget that we also have a responsibility to play since we are a part of the same society and it is our people who ultimately suffer.

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How can we remain standing there and watch while our very own people suffer? How can we continue to blame the establishment and authorities for failing to live up to the expectations? When do we lead in efforts ourselves and vouch for the safety and security of our people?

Our citizens’ responsibilities are broadly ranged. Sarkash creates music to highlight the factors defining our shambolic society and presents what it believes can be in the best interest of our people. Sarkash has joined the queue, they have channeled their path in the same prospect and their work lies in-line to efforts bringing a change in our society.

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We need to realize and act upon our individual roles living in the society. Sarkash has attempted to make us open our eyes and move with the motive through their music.

How music connects Pakistan and how can it be one of the triumphing factors for us

Music has always been one of the concrete pivots keeping Pakistanis interests intact. It is one of the most practical media to send in a message. How cool is to enjoy music and learn a thought-provoking lesson at the same time?

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The major objective of music has always been to act as a voice in making a difference. Pakistanis strongly connect with music and capitalizing the same is surely great in our prospect. Listen to the songs of Sarkash, the vocals quite connect with the message brought in the videos.

Check out their latest single, Akela:

They have perfectly incorporated ‘the art of going about a certain topic through music’. It is very educational. It derails the odds looming large in our society, offers a great show of empathy to all those who continue to suffer, and join hands with the viewership that aspires to learn and initiate in making the Pakistani society a better place for people to live.

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What do you think about the Sarkash band and how far do they make a difference for the better?

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