7 Common Lies We Tell Our Friends Every Day And What They Really Mean

If there’s one superpower that comes to Pakistanis naturally, it’s the power of hiding things or blatantly lying. Yes, we’ve accepted it. Lying is not just an act of dishonesty, it’s an art, it’s like painting a sculpture. And we have mastered it for our daily use.

Here are some of the most prominent lies Pakistanis tell each other every day

1. Haan bas 5 minute mein pohanch raha hoon, thora sa sabar ker lo

Source: trending.pk

And when we say that, we actually have just gotten out of bed, which means that it will take another 45 minutes to reach.

2. Yaar I’m broke today, aaj paise tum dedo, next time meri baari

Source: pakmdb.com

This means that we have little or no money with us which we need to do something important with…

3. Nahi yaar koi issue nahi, bas aise hi thora mood off hai

Source: 4bp.blogspot.com

This is the biggest lie of all when somebody says this, they want you to ask what’s going on because there’s something you’d probably want to get off your chest.

4.  Haan sorry I missed your call, I was taking a shower…

Source: reviewit.pk

This means that I didn’t want to talk at that time or I thought you probably had some work with me, so I passed…

5. Yaar aaj tabyat set nahi, bukhar hai shayad…

Source: india.com

Asal mein kabhi bukhaar hota nahi hai, we just want the extra attention.. and a free juice maybe?

6. Sakht neend arahi hai, couldn’t sleep an hour last night

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This after sleeping at least 4-5 hours. It is actually fun being dramatic over how you’re sleepless or insomniac.

7. Nahi nahi, I’m not that hungry, tum khaa lo..

Source: quora.com

When you don’t have enough money in your pocket and you don’t want the other person to pay for you, this is the biggest lie you say, every single time.

So the next time your friends are saying one of these lines, you’ll automatically know what’s up. Have jhootay friends? Tag them all in comments and remind them when they said these things!

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