This Girl Went From ‘XL’ Size To ‘M’ In 3 Months & Burned Her Haters

Girl xl m burned haters

You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. So either way, you do you! Resist the urge to constantly please others. Sure, it can be hard to find your own voice when you are constantly consuming others’ thoughts and opinions. But seeking validation from others is a surefire way to prevent yourself from living your best life. But a story of a girl who burned her haters through her journey of transforming herself into M from XL is worth sharing.

Even though rejection is a hard pill to swallow, nothing is more exhausting than cherry-picking everything you do. Remember: no matter what, you are not going to please every single person on this planet. Never beat yourself up or compare yourself to someone else.

As hard as it is to remember, nothing is more powerful than being yourself in a world that wants you to be like everyone else.

Take the very example of this girl named Sadia who has been a victim of bullying since she was a child. And why? Just because she has been fat since childhood. But did she care about what they said? No!

This Girl Went From Xl Size To M Within 3 Months & Piped Down Her Haters
Source: Instagram

People have always ridiculed her for the way she looks and made fun of her in terrible ways.

Being unbothered by their hateful remarks, Sadia loved the way she was and never planned on changing herself. However, impressed by her pals, Sadia got inspired by them and decided to go for a lifestyle change.

Wait, first of all, don’t get confused. She DID NOT give in to the bully. Like we said before, she did not have a care in the world. The hateful comments did not bother her. Although it would be impractical to say that they were not bothersome because they certainly are hurtful. Nonetheless, the girl, for the sake of self-love, jumped on the bandwagon of keto.

Within 3 months, Sadia went from XL size to M and burned haters

For those of you who are not aware of keto, it is a weight loss program. Basically, it involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. So this reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called Ketosis.

Moving on, Sadia modified her lifestyle after making this decision. She stopped consuming all the unhealthy food and snacks she used to gauge on. You would be shocked to see the drastic change in her looks.

The girl definitely did an outstanding job and brought out the best version of herself. This girl’s XL to M journey has surely burned her haters

This Girl Went From Xl Size To M Within 3 Months & Piped Down Her Haters
Source: Instagram

In addition to this, after the drastic weight loss within three months, she continues to maintain her physique. She started on August 24 and did keto till December 3. Within 3 months she went from XL size to medium size.

But did this change what people had to say about her? Did this shut up the bullies? NO. Regardless, the haters still find out ways to look down on her and ridicule her.

“My lifestyle has changed drastically over these 3 months. I stopped eating cakes, chocolates, processed food, and everything junk on which I loved to gauge. And abhi bhi [till today] they find ways to bully me. Eslie [That’s why] be your self! Love your self, do not give a eff about people,” she said in a social media post.

So just be yourself. Love your self. Be like Sadia. Whatever you do, do it for yourself. Learn to use the criticism as fuel and you will never run out of energy.

Before and after

This Girl Went From Xl Size To M Within 3 Months & Piped Down Her Haters
Source: Instagram
This Girl Went From Xl Size To M Within 3 Months & Piped Down Her Haters
This Girl weight loss
This Girl Piped Down Her Haters

So, what’s the moral of this inspirational story? JUST BE YOURSELF AND LOVE YOURSELF GIRLS! And ignore the haters. More power to you!

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