Five-storey Residential Building Collapses In Korangi Area Of Karachi

Korangi five-storey building Collapsed

In a tragic incident, a five-storey residential building collapsed in Karachi’s Korangi area on Thursday, killing at least one person and injuring many others.

A report by Dawn quoted Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Director Dr. Seemin Jamali as saying that the victim was 15 years old.

Meanwhile, four injured people were shifted to the hospital. Moreover, three of them had minor injuries because of this five-storey building which collapsed in Korangi.

The building was located near Rasheedia Masjid in Allah Wala Town, Korangi, police said.

Many residents remain trapped under the debris of the collapsed building, police said. A rescue operation was started to save their lives.

According to the Sindh Building Control Authority (SCBA), Korangi Director Asif Rizvi, the building was built illegally.

“The building was constructed on China-cutting land,” he said. “It had no map or approval,” he added in the report.

In March, a building had collapsed in the Golimar area of Karachi and as a result, 11 people had lost their lives. Meanwhile, in March, a building collapsed in Karachi’s Liaquatabad, killing 27 people and injuring at least 17 others, said Dawn.

A similar incident happened in Ranchore Lane area of the metropolis in 2019.

In June, another building had collapsed in Lyari resulting in the deaths of 22 people.

The SBCA’s technical team had reportedly declared the building dangerous. They had even conducted an inspection survey on March 16. The SBCA had also issued a notice to the residents on March 18. They had asked them to leave the building within 15 days.

The authority also declared at least 250 buildings in Karachi as ‘dangerous.’ A majority of these buildings are located in the South district.

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