‘I Lost 60KG Just By Changing My Diet & Walking Daily! Here Is What I Did Right’

Gym Weight Loss Journey

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This story was submitted by Aimen Malhi.

I was 17-year-old with 115kg weight. I was bullied in school just because of my weight. I had no friends in my entire school life, just one for two years maybe. Nobody wanted to talk to me. I was given names like aunty, fatty, truck, etc. I still remember their faces and voices. I was humiliated and bullied by some of my teachers as well. I left my school with a heavy heart because I just couldn’t take it anymore and then I started working on my weight loss plan but never followed a specific diet plan.

I took a break from my studies and started focusing on my health and here’s how I lost extra weight from my body.

My weight loss journey

I started a brisk walk every day. I never went on a weight loss diet but I started taking in calories that my body needed. I started exercising for an hour daily. I never went to a gym because I was too afraid of facing people and bullying. And, I started losing weight. I could see my weight going down but I wasn’t really sure about it. Because all my life, all I heard were taunts like I am fat and ugly.

Anyways, three things really helped me reduce my weight. In one year I lost 60kg and came to 55kg. I remember I used to go for a walk even if it was raining or the temperature was 45-degree centigrade. I used to think if I will take a day off I may gain all the weight back. Sadly, this is what mental trauma and bullying do to you.

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During this weight loss journey, I also suffered from anorexia nervosa. I had no clue about this condition at all. But one day my father saw me trying to vomit by putting my fingers in my mouth, He asked me why I was doing it, I told him I had one fried nugget, He said so what and I said no I will gain weight. He asked me if I did it before as well and I could recall doing this many times.

What is Anorexia Nervosa?

Anorexia Nervosa is the fear of gaining weight. I was 55kg, however, I would walk for hours in the ground alone. One day, an auntie came to me and asked me, “Why do you jog so much, I see you every day from my terrace. I feel you might feel down someday. You are so weak.”

My family also would beg me to stop working out this much. I remember, there also came a point I wouldn’t eat anything the entire day. I was surviving on one meal a day. Then I took help to cure this disorder and my condition and health both slowly got better.

People often ask me questions like, ‘What is your diet plan?’ or ‘What is your exercise routine?” I always give them a simple answer that I used to walk 45 minutes in a park every night, and workout for an hour and 15 minutes every morning. This continued for a year.

Source: Diet Doctor

I used to eat as per my body requirements in my weight loss diet. The number of calories changes as weight changes. To know how many calories you should eat in a day to lose weight, convert your weight into pounds, and multiply it by 11. The answer is the calories you should consume in a day.

Take my tip!

One tip I would like to share here that helped me a lot is to drink a cup of warm water with lemon and 1 tbsp honey in it, every morning before eating anything. It helps a lot. But the most important thing you must know is there are no short cuts to lose weight. It takes time. You just have to stay consistent and motivated. There were months when I used to lose up to 8kgs in a month. And, then there were months when I would lose just 0.5kg.

So, consistency is the key. The point of sharing all this is to reach out to people going through the weight loss dilemma and motivate them that if I can do it, you can do it too.

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