Sabzi Farosh Banoge Ya Samose Bechoge? Here’s How My University Professor Appreciated Me In The Class

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It all happened today during the lecture in the University. I couldn’t resist and had to pen it down at that very moment. There is this professor who has a habit of taunting students by making them future ka “Sabzi Farosh, Samosy Wala etc”. Firstly he is making these professions sound degrading and secondly making fun of students. So this made me write this article on this topic.

Anyone, even any teacher doesn’t hold any right whatsoever to judge the future of any particular student. A teacher’s job is to teach us and enlighten us with his/her knowledge, not to insult any student who is not at par to their expectations. There is a fine line between humor and insult. Some people who are aware of their goals, they don’t consider themselves giving attention to such talks but there are some people who can be affected badly by these kinds of “humor”.

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The laughter that floats in the class might creep in so deep into their subconsciousness that it can shatter their confidence for the rest of their lives. If there are forty students in a particular class than it doesn’t mean that all of them are a scientist, engineer or doctor. One might be a skilled photographer, a best-selling novelist, an award-winning director, a vivid poet or a successful business tycoon.

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Everyone is someone yet due to our societies and lack of awareness we don’t get to realize what Allah has gifted us as his most beautiful creation. Certainly, Allah hasn’t made someone useless. All one need is to find his passion, pursue his dream, polish himself accordingly and work hard. When we are forced to take admission in engineering or medical college it is then it all starts; depression, anxiety, the concern of the future; this is when we lose ourselves.

Life is not all about earning-marrying-making babies and then dying! It is a whole lot more than that. Life is an exquisite adventure, long countryside traveling, admiring nature, helping each other, doing something that will be remembered by humanity. No doubt there are responsibilities and duties regarding parents, family, and other similar things but during performing these duties one must not be converted into a robot.

One should remember that human was no sent on earth to merely earn and increase his generation. We indulge ourselves so much in these worldly things that we forget that we are HUMANS. This exactly is what our religion also teaches us. Let’s try to aware us by teaching ourselves and wallowing in the divine religion. And most importantly not forgetting that everyone is “someone” and special!!

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