5 Types Of Teachers Everyone Comes Across

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As my teacher says:

‘The greatness of a teacher can’t be compared to that of a mother because the former can make a dozen kids go to sleep all at once while the latter is only capable of helping just one kid go to sleep at a time!’

But sleep or knowledge whatever they are capable of giving, these are the people who really turn us all into that solid mature adult from a pampered spoiled kid that most of the parents turn their kids into. And this isn’t just restricted to a single kind but the pack of a teacher comes with a full grown variety some of which are given below:


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He’s the “daddy” of a 100 or so kids and calls everyone ‘Beta’. He’s more of a daddy than a teacher because his lectures include all kinds of ‘nasihateen’ on how to be of a good use to humanity and how to battle this world once you graduate. Once in a blue moon, he’ll put on his professor cap and teach you a couple of theories but mostly, he’s worried about your future more than your real father.


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This kind is a rare specimen but if you’re lucky enough to experience him in your academic life then trust me you’ll enjoy him the most. He seems to be a person who just took a wrong turn and landed up in your class. And his forgetfulness is not just limited to this, he tends to forget: what he had to teach, what assignment he gave and which one needs to be given.

3) THE ‘you must know that’:

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And here comes someone we all can relate to. This kind of a teacher is literally there just to play with your knowledge. 50% of the course-line of his lectures ‘were duly covered in the previous course’ and he ‘assumes’ that everyone knows it and if not then ‘shame on you’. The other 50% of the course shall be covered in the next semester. Hence, his course-line is a namesake. He just comes over, fires a question here, puts up a question there and leaves you pondering and wondering for the rest of your lives.


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This specimen of the teacher’s community is the touch-me-not. They have a formatted lecture that you need to listen with lips sealed and brain closed. And if out of sheer boredom or curiosity you ask him a question then you must expect him to say:

‘Search that and bring your findings!’. In other words, ‘Shut up and just listen to whatever I say!’ He knows the student would never search a word so he played it safe for sure.


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This one is my favorite. He’s motivational and energetic and comes with a sincere intention to teach. But when they said over-enthusiasm can be bad for health then I am sure they had this teacher in their mind. He just needs that push; you trigger a random topic be it Shahid Afridi, the education system, the stock market and blah blah and you have him lose his track.

There. You got it. Enjoy the fun time while he debates on and on and abruptly ends the class with an ‘Oh gosh! We’ll cover semiconductors in the next class.’

Whoever they are, to whichever category they belong to; all of my teachers inspired me in one way or the other and undoubtedly, they mold us to be the person who we are today.

So a tribute to all the teachers for providing us with a room to catch yesterday’s sleep, to chit-chat with the fellow beside, to text the old friend and also to share a bit of knowledge.

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