Renowned School in Karachi Allegedly Bullies Students for the Way they Dress Up

The character building of a student at a young age largely depends on their teachers and the schools. Because students spend more of their daily routines in the premises of an education center, it is essentially important for teachers to present themselves well in front of them.

On an average, a classroom has about 20 to 25 students. A teacher, therefore, is responsible for setting examples and changing the mindset of so many children on regular basis. Essentially, this is why our elders always tell us that teachers are like our second parents who need to be respected.

It is, therefore, the duties of the teachers to become an ideal role model for their students, especially when they are in their learning phases. It seems like the teachers are Karachi Public School has forgotten their roles, given this post which was published in a private group of Facebook.

According to this Post, Teachers Character Assassinate Girls for Wearing Lotions and Nail Colors!

Worst of all, the students are insulted in front of the entire assembly, which brings much shame and embarrassment for reasons that are not important. According to the post, a boy was also the target of a teacher’s horrible character assassination because he decided to change his school van.

Imagine making a 14-year-old girl hear statements such as, “Larke k Liye kar Rahi hu.” from teachers who are responsible for making you more tolerant in this society. This is straight up bullying as the students are shamed in front of the entire school.

As narrated in this post, parents need to take action against such instructors. This behavior towards the children ruins their mindset as it fills negativity in their heads.

On the other hand, the school also needs to take serious actions against such teachers. After hogging the monthly incomes of the parents by billing them such expensive school bills, this is not the type of educational environment they pay for.

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