President Alvi Urged Japan To Help Restore Peace In Occupied Kashmir!

President Alvi asks Japan to play role in securing rights in Occupied Kashmir

President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi arrived in Japan on Sunday for his four-day-visit invited by the Japanese government, to discuss important foreign policies.

Moreover, Alvi did his part upon meeting the prime minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo by highlighting the human rights violations being committed by India in occupied-Kashmir. Arif Alvi urged PM Shinzo to play a key role in restoring peace and the basic rights of the Kashmiris.

President Alvi Meets Japanese PM

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Previously, Prime Minister Imran Khan raised his voice against Indian atrocities in Kashmir on an international platform addressing the world leaders; the United Nations General Assembly. However, the situation didn’t seem to get any better in IoK and spirits dulled, but hope did not.

Imran Khan assured everyone that Kashmir’s issue will be resolved soon. President Alvi, although severely overshadowed by Imran definitely didn’t let the opportunity go by; both the leaders of this nation are doing everything in their power to win freedom for their Muslim brethren.

President Alvi Meets PM Abe of Japan

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Arif Alvi discussed various bilateral matters with the Japanese PM.

Pakistan’s president highlighted the importance of working together in unison for the betterment of country ties and development; including for the enhancement of trade relations, investments, human resource development, and people-to-people contact.

President Alvi along with his wife, the first lady attended the enthronement of Emperor Naruhito and congratulated Prime Minister Abe on this.

President Alvi and First Lady

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Pakistan’s current leaders have truly showcased themselves to not just be rulers but genuine people that care about the Muslims of the world. It’s not political for Alvi and Imran, but in fact, emotional and moral.

Their staunch stance against India and their monstrous human rights violations will bear good news in the near future. How much longer will the world stay silent? Muslim leaders around the world need to stand united along with the UN and other leaders.

Indian Atrocities in Occupied Kashmir

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Alvi sympathizes with Abe while Japan PM shows gratitude

Typhoon Hagibis took over Japan recently and several precious lives were lost. President Alvi extended his condolences and hoped for better times for the friendly people of Japan; since after the enthronement, a new era has just begun for Japan.

Moreover, the Prime Minister of Japan showed his gratitude towards Alvi attending the ceremony.

Japanese people stay a few steps ahead of everyone; be it technology, infrastructure, and even education. Furthermore, this country started from scratch after the atomic bomb and built itself up.

Hopefully, PM will take action of Alvi’s request on pressuring India to stop their crimes against Kashmiris. Also, President Alvi’s visit will also bear great results for Pakistan-Japan relations.

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