What This Guy From Karachi Did For A Poor Kid On The Street Will Melt Your Heart!

Never judge a book by its cover. What we may regard as a little thing; it may end up changing the lives for many. This scene in Defence, Karachi narrated by Ahsan Kidwai, is a wonderful example of sharing what you have with those who don’t; and it has left many in awe.

Here is how Ahsan narrates the wonderful episode.


”Last evening as I drove back home, I came across a ‘rare’ incident on the streets of Karachi. Rare because of the positivity and generosity I saw after a really long time! Yes, in Pakistan amidst the prevailing fragile law and order situation.

As I stopped on one of the intersections of Khayaban-e-Mujahid, I saw a 2-door convertible (further details undisclosed to ensure anonymity) which was surrounded by the lesser privileged children between the ages 5 – 8. The kids tried opening the doors from each side, trying to hop on. At that point I didn’t quite understand what was going on. It was then when I also noticed that the car was without a number plate and unfortunately like the majority of us, I jumped to conclusions. I embarrassingly admit, it wasn’t really a positive one as the car was perhaps unregistered.

As the traffic lights turned green, the gentleman screeched past the intersection with a loud ‘vroom vroom’ as if it were a drag race. Yes, on one of the busiest khayaban’s in Defence, where the majority of us would have called him a show off. Yes? Maybe?

Well, 200 meters down the road, I couldn’t believe what I saw. The car stopped to the left and a kid got off with a wide smile on his face, jumping around in excitement. Ecstatic. Probably the happiest kid I’ve seen in a really long time. Someone who I believe sat in a car for the very first time and that too in a pricey convertible – the only one of its kind that I’ve seen in Karachi.

It’s deeds like these that make me love Pakistan. Faith in humanity restored – Pakistan Zindabad!”

This wonderful story is another reminder of sharing and caring. A little act of kindness can bring a lot of smiles. We just celebrated the festival of Eid; a festival which is based on giving to the poor and this act of kindness takes that idea further.

Thankyou Ahsan for the story and Well-done Na-Maloom Convertible Guy for Inspiring us!!

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