PM Takes Notice Of Viral Abuse & Torture Case – Police To Protect Victims From Risks & Danger

PM Imran Khan Islamabad Case

A day after six people were arrested in connection with the sexual harassment of a boy and a girl in the capital, Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken notice of the incident that went viral on social media.

In the harrowing video that shocked Pakistan, six men are seen sexually harassing the couple. The incident happened a few months ago.

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The suspects held the girl and the boy at gunpoint. They forced them to strip and then beat them up. Moreover, the suspects also abused the couple verbally and physically by doing vulgar acts. Prime Minister Imran Khan now wants the culprits to meet exemplary punishment.

As per Express News, PM has contacted Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Qazi Jamil Ur Rehman and sought the details of the case. He also asked him to make this case an example for everyone.

According to Dawn, Aziz is a resident of I-8. He is also co-owner of a car showroom that deals with new and used cars and real estate. Police arrested him, Hafizur Rehman, and Farhan Shaheen Awan, and produced them in a court. Police have also got their physical remand.

Late in the evening, the police also arrested the fourth suspect and identified him as Madaris Butt. Meanwhile, their mobiles were recovered which stored scores of video clips of similar incidents.

Police officers told Dawn on condition of anonymity that Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations) Afzal Ahmad Kausar had ordered to arrest of the remaining two suspects as well. They added one of the suspects had shared the video with a friend who made it viral on social media.

‘Our concern is also to protect the boy & the girl’

According to the police, the flat where the incident happened was in possession of a property dealer from whom the boy had taken its key. The six suspects also had a key to the flat and they followed the couple there.

The police later traced the boy and asked him for his statement but he was not willing. The officers added, “the boy is so frightened that he refused to give a statement and become a complainant, saying the suspects would kill him and his family”. Meanwhile, police also approached the girl but she refused too, they said.

DIG operations and the SSP operations told Dawn that investigations had been launched to establish the facts. They said arrangements were being made to take them in protective custody as chances of suicide and honor killing cannot be ruled out.

“Our concern is also to protect the boy and the girl from all risks and danger,” they added.

One of Mirza’s old classmates also shared details of his sick mind on social media. A Twitter said, “My heart skipped a beat. He was my class fellow. I called him Usman Bhai. I wore a full abaaya at that time. Then he leaked my friends’ and my phone number to half Islamabad. We were 19 then. And see It just got worse with time because even at that time the admin took no notice.” Indeed!

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