People Can’t Seem To Get Over Yasir Shah’s Reaction To Our National Anthem In This Video

Remember those times in school assemblies when we could not control our laughter during the national anthem? Well, Yasir Shah resonates with us.

It was not about laughing at our national anthem, it was about the stupid, childish things that we did just when the beat dropped.

We have come across to so many instrumental versions of the national anthem. It has been incorporated with many instruments like electric guitar, trumpet, violin and etc. We have also heard the Opera version of it.

A couple of days ago during the official Test match of Australia vs Pakistan series in Australia, our national anthem was sung beautifully by an Opera singer.

But the highlight is not the impeccable performance by the Opera singer but the on point reaction of Yasir Shah to an instant. We have no idea what is going on here and what basically is the reason to laugh about. Maybe he is laughing at our team’s performance because he can feel it. But we cannot get over his priceless reaction here:

Brb… laughing again. 

Take your time as well, folks. You all might wanna recover from that laugh to digest what is next.

You are not the only one, there are so many people who cannot seem to get over it. See how people have reacted to the video:



Never fails to disappoint #YasirShah


What a performance, though


Quite an observation, man


Spot on


Mercy, Lord, but it was hilarious!


Seems like it has spread like wildfire. It is amazing how quick people are to react to this! Thanks for the laugh guys. You all won the Internet! As for Yasir Shah, we still cannot get over it. It was just a laugh but very on spot and hilarious.

Thanks for the great laugh, Yasir Shah. We hope you keep smiling like this.

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