Pakistanis Just Found the Worst Moment of PSL and It Cannot Be More Embarrassing!

Mickey Arthur, Pakistan national team’s coach recently hinted at the disputes between team members. There’s no doubt that heated arguments, the rough verbal exchange is a part of any sports team. However, this is all dressing room stuff and is supposed to stay there. Naturally, athletes are used to looking over it and move on and everything is cool.

But recently, during a PSL match between Lahore Qalandars and Quetta Gladiators, two of the prominent team members were caught in a very embarrassing situation. Although we might only call out one person, Sohail Khan, here.

Source: PakistanTribe

The bowler, Sohail Khan, who is already known for his anger management issues totally his cool during their match. He threw the ball straight to Yasir Shah when he could not get his attention. As a gesture to grab his attention, instead of shouting his name or something, Sohail Khan just threw the ball at the boundary.

Basically, Sohail wanted Yasir to change his position but when he received no reply from him. In a desperate attempt, Sohail Khan just hurled the ball at his teammate and everybody on the ground, as well as fans in the stands, went in a shock at what just happened.

Here’s the video involving Sohail Khan and Yasir Shah…

So embarrassing! Even Kevin Pietersen noticed…


Disgusting behavior, absolutely!

“Both didn’t shake hands after the match…” how embarrassing is that!

People are not having it all

What’s your take on this? Should there be disciplinary action against Sohail Khan?

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