Denying Their Gender Won’t Make Them Go Away – The Transgender Denial

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Calling someone a “khusra” is a common joke. Majority of us do it intentionally or unintentionally, kia khsron k tarhan hath hila rha ho?”, “kia khusron k tarhan talian baja rhy ho?”,“khusron wali harkatein“. And so on.

And we think that we have every right to say this because we are born with a defined gender. It’s nothing serious and We carelessly spit it out, no big deal. There is no third gender to point out and say, hey shut up! (Maybe this is exactly what we need)

Now articles are written on the Third Gender. People have made documentaries on them. People sympathize with them. Maybe they don’t even need our sympathies. I was thinking that all humans have basic needs. Eat, sleep, live in a community, earn a living, have some entertainment etc. Let’s just look at the following scenarios that will explain that hijray are in no way different from us.

Because the research is basic, I will only talk about limited stuff here.


Source: The Guardian

Imagine a hijra asking for money on the roads “ay dy dy Baji!” And then there is this guy. “ye to mje kahin se Hijra nahin lag rha #BasicHabits. Begging is a basic habit.


Source: The Travel Photographer

Now this is a common stereotype that Hijras dance, they like to dance. They dance on weddings or when a child is born etc. Then there is this gentle lady. But she is not a Khusra. You don’t get to judge her. She is an artist. Later, people will throw money at her out of respect. #BasicHabits


Source: Inter Press Service

Further, we blame Hijras for not doing ethical jobs (or whatever you call it, odd jobs). They are judged for choosing to be a sex worker. Then there is this respected lady. A defined gender. Not judged but approached, with great interest. Not only her but, male prostitutes as well. #BasicHabits

So these are basic habits, ‘Normal Human Beings” do this, and have been doing this for so long. Transgenders are born this way. Do they scare defined genders? Do they scare people like you and me? Whenever we see them, maybe we feel a little satisfied and thank the Lord that we are not born this way. There are respectable people in this community, people who go to conferences, who represent themselves, who have made their lives.

They live in their communities and maybe they don’t need a voice of normal “hypocrites” who call them Human Beings( Mainly Defined Genders) because they know that they are normal, Human Beings don’t know that.

Can’t Look at them? Maybe that’s you on the inside

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