One Last Ride – This Girl Gives Us The Perfect Breakdown For Travelling Up North!

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2016 was my final year at Forman Christian College, so my friends and I decided to go on a 9-day trip (Following #everythinglast kinda ritual! So typical of us) I named this as one last ride because it was officially going to be the last outing with my friends before graduation. The places we went to were Skardu, Hunza, and Fairy Meadows. Before going on the trip I asked my friends who had visited these places before and we made a list accordingly.

Here is a list of things that you should take with you on a trip to Northern Areas:

Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, conditioner, straightener, hair brush, face wash, body lotion, sunblock, deodorant, tissues, towel, Panadol, inside, augmentin , Motilium , phone charger (a must), warm clothes (however you can take summer clothes as well because usually, the nights are cold), jeans, belt, socks, sun hat, sunglasses, water bottle, flashlight, and bandages.

Recommendations for Trekking: (for beginners)

Trekking to Fairy Meadows: Approx 3 Hours. The weather in Fairy Meadows is unpredictable. You might want to take a ‘rain coat’ or an umbrella with you. I survived trekking with these sneakers but it is better to have hiking boots.

Among all the necessary things mentioned above, you must have a water bottle with you at all times, because water my friend is rare (and others will agree). While trekking you need water the most! Chocolates. (ONE snickers saved me. YEAP! )

The Trip 😀

This trip was something else. I was somewhere else. Something divergent, thrilling and full of exciting twists and turns. Trekking was fun but for the first time I panicked a lot.The scary and dangerous 30 hours pathway to Skardu is a totally different chapter. Many times I thought all this might be over in a moment. The lakes, forts, meadows, valleys and waterfalls had their stories to tell.

 Cold Desert, Skardu

Nothing was silent. Behind everything was a fancy fairy tale. The atmosphere, the pleasant mornings and the happy people. I fell in love with the folks who followed a very way of life.

 Shangrila Resorts, Skardu

The beautiful old women, pretty youngsters, and naughty kids had a fulfilling smile on their shining faces. HUNZA. Your spectacular, awe-inspiring beauty took my breath away! Among massive mountains and beautiful valleys, I lost myself forever.

 I was amazed, stunned and surprised when I stepped in the heaven. Nobody can take these 9 days from me, for these moments are the best that ever happened in my life.

Breathtaking, mesmerizing, astounding, incredible and extraordinary sights! Even camera failed to capture what my eye saw and saved forever.

When I climbed a small mountain near eagle’s nest (the best hotel in Hunza), I was the happiest. I thought I finally did something worthwhile.

But then came Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat and Boy, was it worth all the effort. Hiking to Nanga Parbat (view point one) has been the craziest thing I did so far.

 (Nanga Parbat View Point One)

During my stay, I did not find ONE beggar. Nobody came to me and said, “Allah k nam p dede baji”. Everything was like an awesome Fantasy turned into a even more wonderful reality, whether it was playing cricket with the locals or eating “maithi”, ghar k roti in fairy meadows or wandering in the markets of Hunza or meeting old women who sell handmade goods or stepping foot in the freezing manthoka water fall, or standing on the boat aimlessly at attabad lake or praying for our lives while riding on the jeep or Camping in extreme weather.

All worth it. ALL WORTH IT.

 We went to a House in Fairy Meadows. Only one family member understood us, and asked us if we wanted food. We discussed with her how much we missed Home Food, and within minutes she was making roti for us. We felt so good when a random stranger prepared dinner and poured so much love in the lassi she presented to us.

People of Northern areas are not fond of “masala”. I guess we all know that. So, there was no “Mirchi” in most meals. Yes, bbq and some dishes had some masala that didn’t match our taste a bit.

 Eagles Nest, Hunza

Fairy Meadows

Need I say More?

(Rakaposhi View Point)

That’s why we seize the moment try to freeze it and own it, squeeze it and hold it ‘Cause we consider these minutes golde. And maybe they’ll admit it when we’re gone. Just let our spirits live on (Eminem-Sing for the Moment)

 (Satpara Lake, Skardu)

This Trip is dedicated to my Family, The Army of 4 Super Strong Human Beings. #ThisoneisForYouGuys!

 Manthoka Waterfall, Skardu


Night Stay at Chilas- Panorama Hotel (28 May.)

Departure for Skardu- 29 May

Stay in Skardu- Mashabrum Hotel (29 & 30 May)

Skardu- Satpara Lake

Manthoka Water Fall, Cold desert

(Cold Desert, Skardu)

Shigar Fort

BBQ at Mashabrum Hotel

Shangrila Resort (31 May)

Departure for Hunza- 31 May at Noon
Stay- Eagle Nest Hotel (31 May and 1 June

Hunza- Attabad lake
Altit- Baltit Fort

Departure for Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat -2 June

Short Stop at Rakaposhi View Point.

Stay- Raikot Sairai in Camps (2,3 &4 June)

Trekking to Nanga Parbat (3 June)

Bonfire at Night (Local Music and Dance)

Departure For Lahore: 4 June

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