Pakistan's MMA Fighter Uloomi Kareem Wins Fighting Global Championship

Pakistan’s MMA Fighter Uloomi Kareem Wins Fighting Global Championship


Regardless of what sport it is, India Vs. Pakistan is always a huge deal and turned out to be a massive one today when Pakistan’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) player Uloomi Kareem won World Series of Fighting Global Championship held in Manila Philippines. The final match was between Kareem and India’s Yadwinder Singh.

Facebook page; Uloomi Karim

Facebook page; Uloomi Karim

Kareem represented Pakistan and his Team Fight Fortress in the main event of Flyweight Fight UnderGround Battle (UGB) and successfully defeated India’s undefeated Yadwinder Singh.


Kareem’s victory turns out to be special and memorable as Singh had a competitive edge of being two inches taller than our champion Kareem. Kareem promptly and viciously ended any chance or advantage Singh had over him as soon as the fight started.


In an interview he gave to Express Tribune before the fight, Kareem said, “My strength lies in striking, whereas Yadwinder is a traditional wrestler who transitioned into the MMA. This won’t be just a India-Pakistan battle, but also a battle of styles.”

pre-fight|source: Uloomi Kareem Facebook page

pre-fight|source: Uloomi Kareem Facebook page

The 25 year old clearly dominated the fight from the beginning till the end and managed to bag 30-27, 30,27 and 29,28 win in the rounds.

On the other hand, Ahmed Mujataba, also an MMA player representing the same team and Pakistan won his game against Neil Larano.

Congratulations to both players on bringing success to our country.

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