Here is how Pakistanis all Over The World are Celebrating Like Champions

Here is How Pakistanis all Over the World are Celebrating Like Champions

If you are from Pakistan and a cricket fan, last night must be one of the happiest nights of your life. Pakistan beating India in a final of an ICC Champions Trophy seems nothing less than a dream but that happened. And every Pakistani had every right to go crazy and celebrate like no tomorrow. And we did, from London to Canada to Lahore to Karachi, they were dancing on the streets and enjoying the victory drowned in the happiness. Let us show you how Pakistanis from across the world celebrated their team’s victory against the mighty India.


Starting from Pakistan


Lahore looked beautiful last night, dancing with joy on the beat of dhol, forgetting all the worries in the world, Lahoris sure know how to celebrate a victory.

Mauqa Mauqa from the stadium!

Oh we have waited a long long time for this. Just too long. And then finally this happened. We definitely deserved to sing this in front of Indians.

And we had goray police officers doing bhangra!

This is from Luton, England. First the guy hesitated but then again, who can resist bhangra?

Come on Birmingham!

And Pakistanis in Brimingham just nailed it. Bringing out dhols on the roads and celebrations with firecrackers, pure Pakistani feels.

Stratford Road

Dubai, the second home of Pakistan cricket

And Pakistanis in Dubai couldn’t resist either. How could they?

Sheikhs from Bahrain were happy too

Enough celebrations from England, here is something from the US

Gepostet von Aamir Hussain am Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017

The mauka is here guys it just is.

And how can we forget the celebrations from our own lads?

Look at them being all so happy and celebrating with water instead of champagne! What a beautiful sight. Seeing them happy and celebrating just brings a smile at your face and it doesn’t go till your cheeks get hurt.

It was a beautiful night, Pakistan did something no one thought it could. No amount of celebration is enough celebration right now.


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