Crazy Things You Will Experience When Your Elder Sister Is Getting Married

Having an elder sister is truly a blessing and there’s no bond like a sister’s bond! No other peer relationship involves a shared upbringing, shared genes, and shared secrets. But, just before she gets married, you’ll experience a roller coaster ride full of emotions, happiness, nervousness, and excitement!

But hey, you want her to live a happy life with the man of her dreams… isn’t it? Here are some things you’ll get to experience right before she gets married:

1. You’re traumatized because she’s LEAVING and you’ll have no one to share your secrets and rants with…

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Sharing everything with her, literally, everything is what made you feel better. The feeling of her being there with you at that instance will not be the same as before.

2. You’re happy too because you will get to have the room all to yourself

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The joy of finally having your OWN room can’t be described in words. Your own bed, your own wardrobe, and your own bathroom. All to yourself.

3. You’re excited because you will be spending more time shopping for the wedding together

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Shopping for the wedding is the best time of all. The trip followed by unlimited street food is what makes it even better… Even that is a precious time to bond!

4. You’re excited to plan all the fun rasmein‘ because after all, you’re the ‘dulhan ki behn’

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Since you’re the ‘Dulhan ki Behn’ you’re the center of attention after your sister and you’ll be responsible for every little detail. So, make a list of all the rasmein, the décor and what not!

5. ‘Dulhan ki behn is always in advantage! Yes, you’ll be showered with gifts as well!

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Well, now that you’re going to have a new addition to the family, get ready to be showered with unlimited gifts! “Akhir saali aadhi ghar wali hoti hai!!”

6. But then, you’ll constantly be reminded that ‘ab tumhari baari hai shaadi ki”

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On the other hand, you’ll be reminded that you’re next to get married… if you didn’t already. Duh, it’s obvious. Thank you for letting me know, Aunty jee..

7. You will spend days pondering over the fact that you will be left all alone…

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Since you won’t have your sister to share your secrets with or tease or whatever you guys enjoyed doing together, the feeling will kill you deep inside.

8.  But you’re overjoyed for a new addition to the family who’ll be your ‘jeeju’

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Your sister will be going, but guess what? Your brother-in-law will be filling in all the gaps a brother! He’ll pamper you and spoil you by fulfilling all your crazy, unnecessary demands and you’ll just have another best friend!

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