Pakistani Students Represent Their Country In Dubai’s FGC!

Dubai First Global Challenge

Every country holds significant importance for its young generation considering them an asset for the future. In such a technologically advanced era, young minds are making their respective countries on international platforms. Last week, the robotic event “First Global Challenge (FGC)” happened in Dubai where Pakistani students also represented their country.

Time to time, the sheer adroitness the future representatives’ display with the mechanics of present, is commendable. Apparently, Pakistan’s emerging talent isn’t just limited to any single field but every aspect. Back in August, Pakistan’s Arslan Ash officially became the world’s best Tekken player ousting many other global individuals.

Pakistani students in Dubai’s First Global Challenge (FGC)!

Well, recently, Dubai hosted the “First Global Challenge (FGC)” in which Pakistan’s young talented minds also represented their country. In the robotic turn of events, reportedly, a total of 1500 talented young minds showed up at Dubai’s FGC from over 191 different countries. Particularly, the elite brains played their part by creating environment safe machines to make the world livable.

Consisted of three days, the FGC event was sure a power-loaded event with robotic displays from more than 150 different world states!

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We just started with the First Global Challenge in Dubai! Practice matches saw the teams put their robots to the test and the ranking matches saw them make the step up to the next level. We can’t wait to see what Day 2 has to offer! Stay tuned. #FGCDubai2019 . بداية حماسية لتحدي فيرست جلوبال العالمي في يومه الأول! المباريات التحضيرية شملت استعدادات الفرق وروبوتاتهم قبل انطلاق المباريات التأهيلية التي شهدت منافسة قوية بين الفرق المشاركة. نراكم غداً في اليوم الثاني من التحدي. #فيرست_جلوبال_دبي

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After attending the opening ceremony of the FGC, the Crown Prince of Dubai Hamdan bin Mohammed wrote on his Twitter, Today I attended the opening ceremony of @FirstGlobalDxb robotics & AI championship that we are hosting in Dubai, a regional first.

Further, he added, “1,500 of the world’s brightest youth talents are here with a goal to spark positive change in their societies & better confront global challenges.” Well, last weekend, Dubai’s Festive Arena was wired up with different robots ready to ease human lives and progress the world in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Pakistan’s representatives in the FGC geared up to clean world oceans by their invention!

Undoubtedly, Pakistan carries an army of sheerly talented individuals trying to advance in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As reported, a total of 1500 attendees gathered in the robotic event from different parts of the world. Among them, a group of students from Pakistan’s Nixor College also made their country proud on the international platform.

Dubai First Global Challenge

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Considering the severely polluted oceans around the world and especially in Pakistan, the students invented the similar machine. According to the representatives, they built a robot that can easily cleanse oceans by collecting water pollutants. Apparently, the machine’s accuracy is up to 80 percent in performing its engineered task.

How can the invention be helpful?

While talking about their machine, Arsalan Hashmi, a group member stated, “One of the main points of the First Global Challenge is to promote the idea that we should take care of the oceans. We have a robot that can catch the micro and macro pollutants. There are balls that represent that.”

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“Our robot involves two things: The first is suspending the robot from the center of the arena, the second is to push the balls. Our robot can push the balls in the first levels, the corners and the second layer of the table.” he further added. Unfortunately, the invention couldn’t bag the winning trophy but it sure will be a great help in maintaining clean waters if implemented.

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