Pakistani Man Masters The Art Of Weather By Making His ‘Personal Weather Station’

Pakistani Man weather station

Pakistani man Owais Haider, a 26-year-old, resident of Karachi, bought a rain gauge to measure Karachi’s rainfall eight, 10 years ago and he has now built a private weather station on the roof of his house in Liaquatabad.

Predicting weather and rains in Karachi is a hard nut to crack. Rain in Karachi wreaks havoc on the masses most of the time. Consequently, Haider has also created a weather forecasting website called with the help of his friends. This website predicts the climate conditions of 20 cities in Pakistan.

“During 2010 and 2011, the monsoon rains in Karachi were not so heavy,” Haider told The Independent Urdu. “The water level in Hub Dam had also decreased and the groundwater in the city was also depleting. In such a situation, I thought why not measure the rainfall in Karachi to see how much rain is falling in Karachi.”

Owais Haider, a Pakistani man bought the whole weather station

“I bought a rain gauge, now our rain gauge network is in about 20 cities, from where my friends measure the rainfall and inform where it rained,” said Haider.

This Pakistani man has built his weather station on the roof of his house called the Personal Weather Station (PWS). It tells the wind speed, direction, temperature, and heat index and also digitally measures the rainfall.

Moreover, he purchased the entire weather station worth Rs1.5 to Rs 200,000. The system has a modern machine that showcases all the data visible on a single screen. As soon as it rains, the amount of rain starts to appear on the screen.

Haider said, he currently has an HTC meter in Karachi, which measures temperature and humidity, in 15 areas.

“From Gulshan-e-Hadid to Kemari and from Kemari to Baldia Town and Bahria Town, we have this network.  Whereas, the Meteorological Department has its own systems, AWS, etc., which only works in three or four areas. In addition, he said we have rain gauges in 8 to 10 areas from where our members measure the amount of rain and then inform us.”

According to Haider, his website forecasts the weather on a daily basis and also has an Android app that is also available on Google Play Store. Haider has also appealed to the government to help him expand this network as no other Pakistani is doing it on such a large scale.


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