‘Aur Karachi Phir Doob Gaya’ After Another Rain Spell – Forget Your Cars, Bring Out The Boats

Karachi Rain

Wait! We believe we are overreacting by saying that Karachi has drowned because as the Chairperson of the ruling party in Sindh, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has said, “Jab barish ata hai tou paani ata hai, jab zyada barish ata hai tou zyada paani ata hai.” The logic is simply illogical but yes, this is, what it is!

This Sunday was not like an ordinary day. The weather forecast clearly stated that Karachi would see the third spell of monsoon rain this week with heavy rainfall.

However, the provincial government conveniently chose to dismiss what they were told on the news. They decided to continue with their plans. We mean no plans! And rest became another day in the history of’‘lawaris’ Karachi.

After almost two hours of thunder and heavy rain, it is water everywhere in the city.

Venice is Karachi?

Roads were inundated with rainwater. People remained stressed with the massive traffic jam and the rising flood of dirty stagnant water.

According to Dawn, at least five people, including two children, have died in rain-related incidents today. The third monsoon spell of the season wreaked havoc in Karachi. Images and videos are circulating on social media with roads and low-lying parts of the city flooding and submerging roads.

Many still could not make it to their destinations.

This is shocking. OMG!

Karachiites just do not know where they should go to question? Or, who is actually responsible to give them relief as citizens of Sindh.

Some more bizarre scenes from Karachi’s Nagan Chowrangi.

Venice or Karachi? Get your boats out!

However, police and traffic police were as usual keen to help the people of Karachi.

Meanwhile, Senator Saeed Ghani, ‘All is well.’

The city almost collapsed last time when heavy rain hit Karachi in a decade. The rain was coming this time again, but the provincial government did nothing. It is always the grace of the people of this city that they even always enjoy and welcome the rain after along heat spells, come what may.

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