This Pakistani Family In Hong Kong Is Helping Locals Fight Coronavirus!

pakistani family hongkong coronavirus

Amidst all the havoc fabricated by the novel Coronavirus, it seems like it is every person for himself. Where everyone is thinking of how to save themselves, there is one Pakistani family in Hong Kong helping the locals in their fight against the virus.

According to news reports, the family is distributing precautionary items like face masks and sanitary products to help the Hong Kong citizens stay safe from any possible infection.

pakistani family hongkong coronavirus

source: aljazeera

Helping The Hong Kong Locals!

Ever since the threat of COVID-19 spread, the demand for surgical masks has been soaring, over the past few months. Countries from all around the globe are facing this dilemma. Including Pakistan where N-95 surgical masks are sold for 1000% profit. Despite all of this, there are certain citizens in Pakistan and in Hong Kong who disregard the unacceptable idea of profiting from the locals in such a situation.

Updated statistics indicate that the virus has claimed 4,251 lives and moreover, has infected 117,339 people globally. With proper quarantine facilities available, it is said that 60,000 people have recovered, fortunately.

Responsible for distributing free masks and water bottles, Sheraz Jehangir, is a salesman at Lala Al-Sheikh Trading Company. Regarding the situation, Sheraz Jehangir says: “The people will avoid you in pubic if you aren’t wearing a mask.

Sheraz proclaims that he started purchasing face masks and other necessary items after the disease outspread. Seeing the unavailability of surgical masks, he started stocking them in bulk every week and later distributed them at different medical stores around the area.

pakistani family hongkong coronavirus

source: nikkeiasianreview

About The Business!

Currently, Amna Nadeem, daughter-in-law of the founder, is running the shop. Relating to the business, Amna says: “My father-in-law started the business at a very small level. Nonetheless, it grew into something that we are now able to provide free masks and water to whoever wants them.

About the family business, Lala Al-Sheikh who is the family’s patron emigrated to Hong Kong a few years back. There, Lala laid grounds for the family business by selling ornaments from Nepal, Pakistan, India, and China.

Moreover, he claims that such type of charitable work provides him immense pleasure. He says: “I’m giving away these items of my own accord. Undoubtedly, it is the good deeds that alone are of some help in the next world.

Adding to his motive, he says: “Every week, I buy the supplies with my profits. Whereas, no one is helping me in the pursuit.” To help him in this welfare work, Lala’s children give him a helping hand all the way.

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