Wing Cdr Nauman Akram Embraces Shahadat As F-16 Crashes In Islamabad!

Wing Cdr Noman Akram Embraces Shahadat As F-16 Crashes In Islamabad!

Nauman Akram Embrace Shahadat Crash Islamabad

In the series of unfortunate events taking place in the country, recent reports tell another horrific incident that happened this morning. As ‘Resolution Day’ is just around the corner, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is currently busy preparing for it. However, amidst the ongoing rehearsals, earlier, a fighter jet of the PAF tragically nosedived into the ground near the capital’s Shakarparian area.

Wing Commander Nauman Akram embraces Shahadat after his fighter jet crashed in Islamabad!

As of now, details of the accident are coming in with statements from the PAF officials present there while it happened. Last year, a PAF plane carrying Pakistan army jawans crashed in Rawalpindi leaving a total of 18 Shaheed. Well, earlier today, on Wednesday, an F-16 fighter jet of PAF crashed near Chand Taara area of Islamabad during the rehearsals of 23rd March.

Here’s the official crash news!

A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft has crashed near Islamabad.Rescue sources say the aircraft crashed in the Chaand…

Gepostet von am Dienstag, 10. März 2020

With brief details pouring in from the accident site, sources reveal that Wing Commander Nauman Akram was in the jet. According to local media reports, the PAF spokesperson stated that it happened during the practice for the upcoming March 23rd parade. Well, unfortunately, the F-16 jet got out of control mid-air and brutally crashed near the Chand Tara area in Islamabad.

Investigation underway as officials cordon off the crash site!

With minute to minute to reports pouring in, news of Nauman Akram’s Shahadat recently got confirmed by the PAF. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s pride Wing Commander Nauman Akram couldn’t survive the crash and embraced Shahadat. Well, the local police and rescue teams have completely cordoned off the affected area for investigation purposes.

‘Pakistan Defence’ confirmed the Shahadat on Facebook!

Wing Commander Nauman Akram, OC-9 Squadron has embraced shahadat in an F-16 crash. The aircraft was practicing for the 23rd March parade when it crashed in Islamabad.

Gepostet von Pakistan Defence am Mittwoch, 11. März 2020

It is indeed extremely sad news for the whole of Pakistan. Sources reveal that a member of the National Assembly (NA) has started ‘Fatiha’ for the Shaheed commander. Apparently, Nauman Akram was among teh best pilots of PAF who even flew Chief Of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa in an F-16, recently.

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Moreover, the Shaheed pilot even had the Sher Afghan Trophy 2019 to his name. Undoubtedly, it is a huge loss for the PAF as well as for the nation but Nauman Akram will definitely live in our hearts forever. As of now, for further investigation, the Air Headquarter has created a special unit to find out why the crash happened and what was the cause of the deadly incident.

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