Pakistani ‘Superheroes’ Distributing Free Masks To Prevent Coronavirus Deserve Praise

Free Masks Coronavirus

Emerging from China, fatal disease Coronavirus is drastically spreading all over the world and is declared a threat to humans. Unfortunately, Pakistan has become the recent victim of the deadly virus with a few cases reported from different country parts. However, in order to help prevent the novel Coronavirus from spreading further, some amazing Pakistanis have decided to make things better.

Pakistani heroes provide free masks to prevent Coronavirus from spreading further!

It is extremely unreasonable to take the benefit of a ‘global health emergency’ and mint money out of the situation. Since the price controlling mafia behind has hiked the prices of the necessary N-95 masks to a staggering 1000% profit. Calming the situation, these Pakistani heroes are providing free masks to bypassers in order to prevent Coronavirus and it deserves appreciation.

Karachi man making lives easier!

Until now, a total of three coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Pakistan, leaving their families in worry. Giving a befitting response to those taking advantage of the disastrous situation, this incredible Karachiite is out to help. Having a small scale business in the metropolis, this man is distributing free surgical masks to the commuters on the road.

This Man is Distributing Free Masks in Karachi

We need to protect ourselves from coronavirus with a mask. For this purpose, this man is distributing free masks in Karachi.#Coronavirus #Karachi #MMNewstv

Gepostet von MM News TV am Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2020

With an urge to save the people of his country, this real-life hero is requesting everyone to not take advantage of the chaotic conditions. Eventually, because of such inhumanity prevailing, the prices of masks have instantly shot up along with the shortage. Particularly, the box of masks that previously cost about Rs. 450 to Rs. 500 now costs Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 1,700.

Serving the people of Quetta!

This is indeed a state of worry for the nation but the authorities are still not ready to pay any heed to the unjustified price hiking. Well, not one, but several other Pakistanis have also taken the oath to serve humanity no matter what the circumstances be. Similarly, a shop-keeper in Quetta also put up a board with ”Coronavirus se bachao ke liye mask muft haasil krain” written on it.

Pakistani Heroes Free Masks Coronavirus


Such inspirational stories sure restore people’s faith in humanity while the devilish corrupt minds play with human lives. Well, the prime reason behind the sudden eruption of Coronavirus from Pakistan directs towards the passengers arriving from Iran. Particularly, the influx of coronavirus patients from Iran has gradually become a threat to Pakistan and it should be taken care of.

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