N-95 Masks Being Sold In Pakistan For 1000% Profit After Shortage

Coronavirus N-95 mask

There are two kinds of people in the world, who want to watch the world burn and those who don’t. N-95 masks used to protect people from Coronovirus face shortage!

People online have started to raise questions about the N-95 masks. An influencer went on Twitter asking NGOs to provide people with N-95 masks free of cost. The replies he received will leave you astounded.

Salar Sultanzai pleaded the NGOs present in Balochistan to buy N-95 masks and have them distributed throughout the country. However, a guy in the comments claimed that the mask which was available for 45 rupees is now being sold for 400 rupees.

A thousand-percent increase in the cost of the N-95 mask is the result of business-minded sick people we have in our society. People of Pakistan will never cease to amaze you by their cons. These people have bought the N-95 masks and stocked them up so that when an opportunity discloses, they will make a good fortune out of it.

Is there someone who would question these people and hold them accountable for what they are doing?

Pakistan yet to face its wave of Coronavirus

As the news updates us, we can see that after China the most affected country is Iran. Both countries being our allies and a lot of business is generated from both.

Furthermore, we are yet to determine the exact number of people in Pakistan who still not diagnosed. Students and workers residing in China, who are Pakistani nationals have still not returned and we are still unaware of how many of them will bring Coronavirus with them.

However, Islamabad High Court has given our government the ultimatum to decide on the matter as soon as possible. The decision will be revealed in a day or two.

N-95 masks

Source: Newscientist

Meanwhile, the people of Pakistan are still facing a lot of issues and no one bats their eye on the current global situation. Coronavirus has been declared the deadliest virus and the death tolls can be outrageous. We should plead our government to take profitable steps in the concerning matter.

Can Surgical masks differ from N-95 masks?

Coronavirus is airborne and can transfer via any kind of contact, however, many reporters have issued their opinions that the mask only serves as placebos.

Furthermore, scientists have clarified that the N-95 mask can protect you from the germs of Coronavirus. They said that the mask absorbs the germs and holds them from getting under your skin.

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Indeed, N-95 masks can help you decrease the percentage of being affected by Coronavirus; the masks are disposable and efficient. We hope that the people of Pakistan, for once, drop their greed and do something selfless!

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