WATCH: Sick Men In Lahore Trap An Infant Monkey & Badly Torture It For Fun!

men lahore torture monkey

Rampant abuse of animals is indeed a sad reflection on our society, especially when its greatest targets for causing misery are those who cannot fight back. Those who have no voice to speak out against brutality. A relevant video surfaced on the internet showcasing men in Lahore who torture a monkey.

The horrifying news one hears about animal abuse should make any human shudder with horror and shame. Unfortunately, the news of mistreatment or violence to animals is not taken seriously in our country.

monkey lahore torture
Image: BBC

In Pakistan, monkeys are an important source of income for many. They are usually captured in the wild when they are babies and then trained. Aside from training monkeys to perform, capturing them in the wild in itself is a sheer violation of wildlife laws.

Monkeys are often put through brutality by their trainers. These trainers abuse them by beating them with a stick during their training. Not only that but they also put a rope around the monkeys’ necks to prevent them from running away.

A horrifying video shared by Save the Wild on Twitter shows two men from Lahore torture an infant monkey. One of the men has been identified as Mian Ahmed. He “poached this baby and is now abusing him,” read the tweet.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Take a look at the Twitter thread!

How sick is this! Do you see the horror and helplessness on the poor monkey’s face? Not only is this downright unfair but also inhumane. Sadly, such cases mostly go unnoticed with a few splattered retweets here and there with no action taken.

We have witnessed animals being tortured to death. Burnt in zoos and also kept alive in miserable living conditions. Sadly, Pakistan is one of the few countries around with obsolete animal laws. This, in turn, allows people to torture animals with impunity.

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As it appears, the young people of today who seem to care about the wellbeing of wild animals may not be completely on board. Oftentimes their health and wellbeing are compromised. Earlier this year, a cub was used as a prop for a wedding shoot in Lahore. With no shame, the poor cub was sedated to be used as a mere ‘prop’.

However, aminal rights might be a far cry. There is legislation in Pakistan for the prevention of cruelty to animals. However, these laws are never implemented, and animal cruelty rises in the country.

You can’t blame animals for lashing out when they are only defending themselves from possible harm. Cases like these make them lose faith in all humans and therefore trigger them to attack instinct. Such animal brutality is one of the main factors of any nation’s falling.

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