Meet Faiqa - A Young Pakistani Architect Making Us Proud Through Awards & Initiatives

Meet Faiqa – A Young Pakistani Architect Making Us Proud Through Awards & Initiatives

Young Pakistani Architect

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This story has been submitted by Faiqa Asghar.

The 25 under 25 women of Pakistan 2020, is an initiative of The Little Arts Pakistan. Moreover, the initiative recognizes young Pakistani women for their hard work. It showcases the story of their passion and fortitude as an inspiration to the millions of women around the country.


I was titled as the ambitious future youngest degree holder Architect of Pakistan by them. The award was awarded at Alhamra due to my social work with NGOs and the vision of Future Pakistan.

All images: Faiqa Asghar

Top Talents under 25

Germany hosts the Top Talents under 25 award. It is the second cohort of the award this year. And for the first time, Pakistan was part of it.

It is an honor to represent Pakistan around the world. Around 721 nominations from 45 nations contested for the award. Out of which 40 talents from 21 nations are given the awards this year. Individuals with five talents in each of the eight categories got the awards. These categories included entrepreneurship, management, digital, society, social, innovation, diversity, and education.

I got the award under the category of innovation. Meanwhile, the idea of this award is to form a community of talent around the world. Moreover, the purpose is the inspire each other and help them reach out to every corner of the world. Also, the organizer helps connects with the experienced sources which can further help us achieve our goals.

Who is Faiqa?

I have been always occupied with awareness and social work. Meanwhile, I was just 10 when I talked about jealousy among the students. I grew up to look around a world with loopholes to be filled. Back in 2018, I was associated with Make a Wish Foundation and helped fulfill the wishes of disabled children.

In 2019, I won an honorable mention for the design of a Co-working and Co-living space hosted by Archiply an International Architectural Workshop. In 2020, I worked with PNCA through a competition. The contest was to bring awareness for a balance between the rapid growth of Pakistan and its resources. 

During COVID-19, I designed an intervention for restaurants that could reduce the spread of the virus. Moreover, I did that by not disturbing the actual interior of the restaurant. The design was a generic intervention that can easily be implemented in restaurants.

The year 2020 has been a year of revolution and adaptability. Meanwhile, I try my best to help society using my creativity and make this world a better place to live in. 


Pakistanis are so talented. A young student Muhammad Abdullah just recently broke a world record by scoring the highest marks in the ACCA exam. Meanwhile, another young Physicist broke Newton’s record at the tender age of 16.

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