Malala Visits Emphasis’s The Need Of Education For Children In Sindh Flood-Affected Areas

Malala visits

During her second day in Pakistan, Nobel laureate Malala visited the flood-affected Chandan neighbourhood in the Johi area of Dadu district on Wednesday. Malala was accompanied by the health and education ministers of Sindh, Azra Fazal Pechuho and Syed Sardar Ali Shah. Shehzad Roy, the founder of the Zindagi Trust and a musician, joined them as well.

Syed Murad Ali Shah, the chief minister of Sindh, praised the Nobel Peace laureate’s initiative and hoped that “with Malala’s visit, the voice of the humanitarian catastrophe in Sindh will be heard internationally.”

Malala, who is also the UN’s Messenger of Peace, visited the tent city the local administration had erected to house flood victims.

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She met with the impacted people throughout the tour and voiced particular worry about how the natural disaster might effect children’s schooling.

The health minister stated that “many places are still under water,” adding that “education for 2 million children in 12,000 schools has been impacted.”

After the floodwater is drained, “further survey will be conducted to determine the damage caused to schools,” he continued.

While conversing with the ladies at a camp, Malala listened to the struggles they were having and gave them words of support.

She remarked, “You are brave women; you are facing difficult circumstances.

The Nobel winner travelled to her home nation the day before to meet with flood victims.

Thousands of people protested in her hometown, where the same militant organisation is once more on the rise, during her visit, which is only the second since she was flown to Britain for a life-saving treatment after a terrorist attack.

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