Ludo Star Game To Take Action Against Players Who Harass Women!

The entire Pakistan is currently mingled in playing their childhood-favorite game Ludo on a virtual platform. The Random Number Goddess game has got everyone hooked to it, knowing how it largely works on the algorithm and lucky. Additionally, one cannot even flip their board if they are in the middle of losing a match.

Anyway, so the rise of harassment stories on Ludo Star emerged when the screenshots were shared in public.

Check Out this Video to See what is happening Around!

Sure, there is an option of “block user” in the game, but what’s the point of playing it when you don’t even get to enjoy it without having the leave the game in the middle because of these harassers? Given so, women have shared these screenshots to speak up on how men are ruining the essence of the game.

These women are not the only ones who are tired of being harassed during a match – the app Ludo Star has taken stern action by releasing a warning against those who were or will harass female players in the future. According to the official page of the app, they have received a number of complaints which stated the same concerns.

Here’s what the page’s status on Facebook reads:

We take abuse or any such activity very seriously. 
Please do not harass any player in the game otherwise your account will be banned. We are hearing about a lot of issues and the related accounts are being banned on regular basis. If you are still not playing and abusing then please stop it. 
We have reduced the count of blocks required to ban. Please let other players play safely.

NOTE: We also save the screen messages when you block a person. If you ban unnecessarily then you will be banned.

Please share this post so that people are safe in the game.

“Agar aap dusre players ko paresaan kar rahen hain game ke dauran aur agar woh players apko block kardete hain toh apka account ban ho skta hai. Islia dusre players ko paresaan na karen aur acchse se khelen.
Block ke time hum apke messages save kar lete hain aur verify bhi karte hain. Agar befizul block kia hai toh aap khud block ho jayenge.”

#ludoSTAR #safety #againstAbuse



Here’s to hoping the app bans such words and members who ruin the game by showing their vile personalities!

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