Pakistanis’ Addiction to Ludo Star is Getting Out of Hands

Ever since smartphones got popular, there has always been an addiction. Addiction in the form of a game, let it be Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, QuizUp or the very annoying – Flappy Bird. Now we are in 2017, and our generation has discovered another brilliant way to waste their time very conveniently, by playing Ludo Star day and night. Pakistanis have been playing Ludo since their childhoods and they are good at it. And now, this app Ludo Star allows you to play Ludo online with your friends or against random people, so there’s no reason why it won’t be an addiction.

The game is addictive.

It is really a trap. Once you get trapped it is almost impossible to get out of it. You will play till your battery drains and till your eyes hurt. And we’re not even kidding.


Ludo Star is the perfect way to waste your time that you were already wasting by not doing anything productive. Well, at least now you have an excuse.

It can help you get revenge.

This is the most beautifully sweet revenge.


Well, trust Pakistanis to turn everything into a dating app. But it’s not their fault completely. The chats in Ludo Star say stuff like, “I will eat you”, “You’re good”, so yeah.


Main putt Jatt da berozgar, all thanks to Ludo Star.


You need to do this. This is the best feeling ever.

It’s not fun for the losers.

It really breaks your heart when you’re ONE box away and someone you call a friend kills you goti. This isn’t what Harambe died for? Is this the friendship?

What friends?

And it’s not even just friends, even your own siblings turn their back against you or you just stab you from the back when you expect them to take your side.

So Pakistanis are shamelessly addicted to this game these days and it’s good. It is keeping them away from the stupid lollipop hijab/dupatta arguments. And the good thing about this is that they’ll be over it soon.

Creative lagtay ho.

In the end, a lame joke.

What did SRK say to Priety Zinta after winning in Ludo Star?




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