5 Hilarious Times When Pakistani Celebrities Made Our Hearts Warm By Being So Relatable

5 Hilarious Times When Pakistani Celebrities Made Our Hearts Warm By Being So Relatable

Most of the times our beloved celebrities are put on a pedestal. The truth, however, remains the same, they are just as human as the rest of us. We have compiled a list of unique and enjoyable moments Pakistani celebrities have gone through that make us realize the fact that they are just like the rest of us.

Here’s why we love them so much.

1.  Urwa Hocane Falls During Performance On Stage

We all remember how our favorite Udaari star fell down on the stage during a performance. Although she might have been slightly embarrassed, we can all empathize with her. We all have hugged the floor quite sometimes, haven’t we?

2. Reema Khan Breaks Her Heel During A Runway Show

ARY Zauq

Reema Khan broke her heel during a very popular runway show. The actress didn’t let the mishap get to her at all, instead, she walked without her heels on the runway. Reema Ji, you are GOALS.

3. Momina Mustehsan Handled Twitter Hate Against Her Hair Color


We all love and adore the Afreen Afreen star, Momina Mustehsan and we are all equally smitten with her hair color but this one lady on Twitter made the grave mistake of asking Momina about it in the worst manner possible. Let us show you how Momina handled things like a BOSS.


She got a reply.

Like a boss!

4. Meera And Her Age-Related Lies

ARY Zauq

She might lie about her age, but that doesn’t change the fact that we all, sometimes, feel the same way about growing old. We get you, Meera Ji, we get you.

5. Mawra’s Obsession With Ranbir Kapoor

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Born on the same day as Ranbir Kapoor, Mawra’s obsession with him is known to all. So much so that she synchronizes her selfies with his pictures. Mawra, we love him too. And your obsession is totally justified.

You know why we love our Pakistani celebrities? Because these glamorous stars are basically all of us… they are humans, and they also get into embarrassing situations, nut deal with them like a pro!

We can’t help but love them. So, who’s your favorite?

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