Karachiites Torture K-Electric Employees In Public After Constant Load-Shedding In City

Karachi K-Electric load shedding

Since the summer season started properly K-electric has also started its cruelty. The load shedding hours have increased. And people in this tormenting and harsh weather are forced to live without the comfort of electricity being provided to them.

Now let’s be honest, in the weather as harsh that we are facing nowadays, the thought of sitting without a fan is gruesome. More so, to rub salt on every Karachite’s wound. K-electric recently presented their statement by putting the blame on the government and with an excuse of not estimating the accurate demand. This is angering people and we for once, kind of don’t judge their infuriation.

Karachi K-Electric Loadshedding Summer

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Amid the chaos that was going on due to 8-12 hours of no electricity, many Karachites were out on the road protesting. K-electric wasn’t making matters easy either for them or us, especially when people were receiving buck loads of electricity bills.

A 4 year old video has resurfaced on the internet as a warning for K-Electric. People are sharing the old video, stating that this is the only way that KE can be countered. Even at the time when the video was made, Karachiites were going through similar issues. 

 Karachites tie up two K-electric employees to a pole

It is a known fact that frustration and anger soon lead to chaos. The same happened when two K-electric employees were spotted in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, a town in Karachi. Furious and fed-up citizens gathered and after capturing the two employees and tying them to a pole. The poor workers were minor repairmen and truly speaking might not even know why they are being treated in such a crude way.

#K_Electric K molazimo ko band diya sarey aam Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi mai 🤦‍♂️Aj bhe itni jahalat, in garebon ka kya kasor ?

Gepostet von ADNAN PASHA am Samstag, 27. Juni 2020

The story doesn’t end their folks! Some even thought it was wise enough to capture their faces and make a video to humiliate them more. It is truly saddening to see as a group of people gather around the two tied up workers and mock them.

However, the idea of punishing those who are wrong is very accurate, but street justice, is never truly the right way to go about now is there? Surely we also understand that electricity shortage and excessive load shedding have made life difficult but in all honesty, it isn’t the two people, who are basically working as repairmen at K-electric liable to the load shedding. Nor are they responsible for it. These two people might as well be earning a hand to mouth kind of amount to barely make a living out of it.

We know that being deprived of the comfort of a soothing fan or electricity can be very tormenting, provided the scorching humid temperature. But we suggest thinking a bit more rationally. Perhaps, by filing a complaint. Registering an FIR or petition. All we hope that people understand this before things take a turn for the worst and we also pray that K-electric makes it a piece and gets things working soon.

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