K-Electric Gives Reasons For Power Cuts & Putting Karachiites Through Hell In Heat

Karachi K-Electric Loadshedding Summer

The summer heat is ferociously affecting almost everyone in Pakistan. The government as a whole is doing all it can to assist people at this time of need. Especially, since the issue of COVID-19 has made our lives far more difficult than usual. It is at this time that almost every citizen requires to be provided with basic facilities. However, K-electric is making it far difficult to make that happen.

K-Electric gives useless reasons for power outages

A lot of areas within Karachi are out of power at the very moment. It is becoming difficult to live in rooms without power supply in this hot humid weather of Karachi summer. However, life gets far more difficult when people are literally boiling due to no power. Moreover, the scorching heat has forced many to protest and conduct riots throughout the city due to 12-18 hours long power outages. To be honest, we don’t judge them. As the temperature rises up to 36˚-40˚degrees Celcius with 70% humidity, and no electricity, the chances of taking out one’s frustration are likable.

The situation gets worse when you are provided with such lame and pathetic excuses by the main institution responsible. K-electric recently posted their stance on the matter of 12-18 hours long power outages after being bombarded with complaints from the civilians. The posted that due to the incessant increase in consumption and demand because of the hot weather. The peak demand has crossed the limit of 3450 MW.

No furnace-oil! Was the ministry asleep before?

Since the furnace oil isn’t available in the market to the one that was required it is out of their hands to provide the civilians with the required amount. Thus, electricity outages are most likable to continue for a little while now almost daily.

To compensate or lighten the expected reaction of the public; the K-Electric team also added that the government of Pakistan is going to take the matter into consideration by allowing imports.

Although the question in our mind is, shouldn’t all these matters be taken into consideration beforehand? Isn’t the ministry suppose to make forecasted demands and estimate the supply before the issue arises. Provided that, the prediction of scorching and humid summers was already presented by the MET office in January when Karachi faced with brutally cold weather. Then why is there a delay in the supply of so-called furnace oil?

Not only is this showing the negligence of the ministry rather it shows how poorly the ministry has been performing. It is evidently sad to see how the once known city of lights is now seen as nothing but the city drowned in darkness. We hope that the ministry manages to make it a piece.

As well as, make sure that they are able to facilitate the civilians before things get more out of hand. Seeing that the pandemic is nowhere near gone, Pakistan as a whole can’t afford riots and protests at the moment.

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