Pakistan Is Going Through Severe Loadshedding And People On Social Media Are Extremely Furious!

Living in the 21st century, people around the world get to enjoy perks of technology and advancement, which in term, better their lives, productivity and the growth of the nation. However, living in Pakistan is a completely different ball game, where basic necessities of human life like electricity and water are scarce.

With the general elections soon approaching, politicians will be looking to eye out votes by promising the aforementioned basic necessities. But as always, nobody will be able to really do anything about it. The PML-N’s promise at one end at the countrywide loadshedding which is on going at the other end is ample proof of the fact.


Due to a technical fault in the Tarbela Power Plant, electricity throughout the country has been cut out and loadshedding is being observed almost everywhere. Targeting the PML-N’s rhetoric, one Twitter user called out CM Punjab and said: “Calling out Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, one user wrote: “Shahbaz Sharif, I would like to meet you sometime and explain you the meaning of . Perhaps you seem to believe in some other meaning of the word because there is NO electricity in Lahore since 9 am. Take off your circus hat and take some serious action.”

With no electricity in Punjab, KPK or Balochistan, Pakistanis gathered on social media forums and made their voices heard. Some were witty about it while others were plain furious. To not have electricity means demoralization of the mind and trust in the administration which is being run by the State.

This is how people on social media are reacting to the loadshedding

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