#JoMeinChahoon: If These 10 Reasons Don’t Motivate You to Follow Your Dreams, Nothing Will

What is #JoMeinChahoon?

Pakistanis are sharing inspirational stories on Twitter using this hashtag and the essence of this message has caught our attention. #JoMeinChahoon is a campaign encouraging people to do what they want and become what they want to become. While it is ideally a call to pursue one’s vocational purpose in absolute freedom, it’s also about doing the simplest things in life as long as it makes one happy.

#JoMeinChahoon is about becoming the stronger version of yourself. Becoming the person who is empowered to assert as an individual and be able to express their opinions, their stance before the world.

Through #JoMeinChahoon, we celebrate individuality and empower Pakistanis to turn their dreams into reality, which is why you need to read the following points:

10. There’s power in individuality: God created you and bestowed on you a purpose; find yourself

Source: Goalcast

9. You’ve been given a gift; recognize it, tame it and brand it

Source: researchsnipers.com

8. Self-doubt is normal but becomes a problem if you let it buckle your knees

Source: Twitter

7. Your passion is what gets you going even on the darkest day

Source: Twitter

6. Overcome your demons and believe in yourself

Source: BBC

5. Believe in Catharsis, just how a Mexican proverb goes: They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds

Source: Twitter

4. Your challenges shouldn’t be the reason why you give up

Source: Twitter

3. You have what sets you apart from the crowd

Source: Twitter

2. It’s not every day when you get the chance – make it count!

Source: Twitter

1. If you’re thinking about it every day, you cannot ignore it for the rest of your life

Source: Twitter

Here is a real-life example to make you understand the good word better:

So, when are you going to start living the #JoMeinChahoon way?

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