These Pakistanis Are Sharing Inspiring Stories Using #JoMeinChahoon and It Will Boost Your Motivation

Social media has become the first option for individuals to voice their opinions. Individuals from all walks of life use social media platforms to share their inspirational stories which have the power to bring out the best in you. Similarly, we came across a popular trend – #JoMeinChahoon – in Pakistan which individuals are using to share their inspirational stories.

People have shared notable accounts based on their lives, experiences and vocational pursuits. Some of them might be the BEST SOURCE OF INSPIRATION you will find TODAY and some of them would DEFINITELY CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE about life.

#JoMeinChahoon has driven people to share stories that stand monumentally inspirational for everyone. These are evergreen details that bespeak of one message: empowering people to follow their dreams.

It’s great to see Pakistanis spreading the amazing word using their experiences… Have a look:

How many of you can relate?


“I’m glad that I believed in the power of my dreams…”

More and more people

This one’s a must, must read

Such a simple message outweighs the context

You don’t want to miss this one, either


Massive respect for this girl!

I TRIED AND I DIDN’T GIVE UP – how powerful!

We all have our individual struggles and stories like these motivate us enough to keep going

In the end…

These stories are very enlightening and we appreciate the people coming out and sharing the good word with a maximum audience. We intend to do the same. Every story shared using #JoMeinChahoon entails a message that calls for one thing: following our aspirations and never giving up. 

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