CNN Calls out Rehman Malik over His Apple-Banana Incident with a Hilarious Ad!

Rehman Malik Lies So Much That Even If He’s Eating An Apple, He Will Say It’s A Banana. – Zulfiqar Mirza

It took birth not so long ago. We all are well familiar with this legendary quote by Zulfiqar Mirza that took a toll on people back in time.

Source: Samaa TV

Yes guys, remember classic Pakistani politics? Our lovely politicians calling out at each other using names/phrases that were so unbelievable. Not the first time a politician went full-throttle with ridiculous comments on local media. If you remember former CM of Balochistan, he went on live media like, Degree Degree Hoti Hai Chahay Asli Ho Ya Jaali.”

While I don’t really remember the background of Zulfiqar Mirza using such a comment for Rehman Malik, I do remember that he left PPP and thereafter, revelations including this classic quote came to life.

Now CNN indirectly called out Rehman Malik on the very same quote and we all are having a good life…

Fasi Zaka, Pakistani political commentator/columnist pointed out on Twitter that the global media outlet, CNN has made a whole advertisement based on the idea of what Zulfiqar Mirza uttered about Rehman Malik. Check it out:

Well played, CNN, well played






Not every day you come across such stories. Not every day, guys! Well, we meant in a light, humorous way without offending anyone. No matter whose side you are on, I bet you are going to have a good laugh over it.

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