Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Visionary Step

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‘Have you ever sat down and wondered where you’re going to end up in the future? Whether on the sidewalk selling cheap, fake mobile phones for a living or working for a multi-national company, living a sophisticated life and rolling in money or maybe living somewhere in the middle with a beautiful family and well-respected job. I was kidding about the former option but the latter two are a bit tempting. But, jokes aside, if you have wondered about this topic and thought that, I quote ‘ I want some advice on how to not be a lazy-bum, get on my feet and start some climbing because I’m going to reach the top!’, well here I am to to motivate you into doing just that. So if you’l follow me into the journey, you’d realize it would take just one step to enter your desired world.

But, before we start, you also have to take this into perspective that this step you’re about to take is divided into two parts which will lead you towards your goal, which I like to call the ”ID” beacause these two letter are your identity card which helps you to create your place in this world. The first half of your identity being ‘Imagination’. You will have to have a mind-set where you don’t take your loses to your heart and, to make it even more cliche, learn from your mistakes. Take these loses and treatimagine them like a game. The more you loose to learn, the more points you get and the more you become wise to win. The second letter to the ”ID” (identity card) is ‘Determination’. Determination to complete what has to be completed, reach what has to be reached and sacrifice what has to be sacrificed because you would have to have a mind-set where you are ready to give what is demanded and take what is rightfully yours, all the while not losing yourself in the game.

I think I have put enough advice and serious stuff in this article to turn it into a speech but promise, not me but yourself that you will take this step because a journey of a thousand miles begins with your visionary step.”

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