Jeremy McLellan Trolls Indians Once Again With News Of Comedy Tour

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Comedian Jeremy McLellan once again takes a dig at India, trolling them to even greater heights. This time, he shares the limelight with Modi’s cardboard cutout, whilst announcing his laughter tour to India.

Previously, Jeremy visited Pakistan, performing in the cities of Islamabad, and Lahore arranged by “Kuch Khaas”- an entertainment company. To this day, the stand-up comedian asserts that he will always have a special place for Pakistan and its people. Being a fan of Pakistani hospitality, he often trends while defending the local agenda against trolls and right-wing extremists.

Being a bogging figure for Indians, Jeremy has left no chance of trolling Indians to the fullest, numerously.

Announcement of the India tour

Owing to Jeremy’s tweet, he highlights the time, when he had to cancel his then-tour to India due to some reason. With Modi’s election victory, Jeremy had announced: “Because of Modi’s victory in the elections I have decided to cancel my upcoming 5-week tour in India. I apologize to everyone who bought tickets to my shows but I can’t support this. Will have to go to Pakistan instead.”

Nevertheless, the cancellation of his tour resulted in a sneering debate and immense trolling between him and the Indians.

Responding to all the then ‘angry messages’, Jeremy tweeted that he is all geared up for his upcoming India tour.

Adding a sarcastic caption to his tweet, he said: “Because of your angry messages I would like to announce that I am now pro-India and anti-Pakistan. Apparently India has more people/money and is ruled by my wise and powerful step-dad Modi. They also invented space ships 7,000 years ago. Excited for my upcoming comedy tour!”

Reactions to his tweet

The bashing does not end here, as Jeremy McLellan’s loyal Pakistani fans start commenting on his tweet partnering up with him.

Meanwhile, the standup comedian is planning to start a special podcast series, during the worldwide lockdown. Once his requirement of 500 patrons is complete, he will commence taking an interview of  1 patron every week.

As of now, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused catastrophic mayhem, on a global level. Reports enumerate that there are more than 1,200,000 active cases and 69,501 confirmed deaths.

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