Apple To Manufacture 1 Million Face Masks A Week For Medical Workers

Apple To Ship 1 Million Face Masks A Week For Healthcare Workers

Apple announced that it would soon be manufacturing 1 million face masks per week for healthcare workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Time Cook announces production of 1 million face masks per week

In a video posted to Twitter on Sunday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that the company had already sourced 20 million surgical masks from across the globe to add the shortage of face masks. He also said that Apple plans to ship more than one million face masks by the end of this week.

Cook added that the company has also created its personal transparent protective face shield. Moreover, it has also started mass production at its factories in the U.S.A and China.

The initial distribution of the face masks would be focused on the U.S.A. However, Apple hopes to quickly expand the distribution to other parts of the world.

Source: Time

Apple’s CEO also explained how the company is utilizing all its teams, including design, engineering, operations and packaging to work with suppliers and manufacture face masks for medical workers to combat COVID-19.

Tim Cook ended his video message by asking people to stay home and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Here is the complete tweet by Tim Cook, that accompanies the video:

Apple joins several other global companies, such as Italian luxury brand Prada, that have made modified their production lines to fulfill the demand for protective gear.

Source: Techtimes

Previously, Apple had launched COVID-19 screening application and website for the U.S.A. The tool allows users to check if they have any COVID-19 symptoms from the comfort of their home. The application and website recommend suggestions depending on the severity of symptoms.


Apple possesses one of the biggest supply chains of any tech company in the world. The company manufactures and ship millions of iPhones, iPads, and AirPods at a speed and scale that very companies are able to match.

The tech giant now aims to use its resources to come up with innovative ideas to help healthcare professionals.

Other manufacturing giants also contribute to combating COVID-19

In March, President Trump issued a federal order. The order required auto giant General Motors to manufacture ventilators after a shortage of the hospital equipment, which is essential for treating COVID-19 cases.

General Motors is just one of the few companies in the U.S.A that are responsible for designing new ventilator systems. Other companies such as Tesla and Dyson have also announced their projects to fulfill the scarcity of ventilators.

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