Meet Sahib-e-Asra – Pakistan’s Ace Sprinter & Daughter Of A Masjid Imam


Unfortunately, some liberal and pseudo-flag-bearers of women’s rights have portrayed a tarnished image of Pakistan across the globe. Notwithstanding, there are fathers despite being Imam of a mosque supports the rights of their daughter. Recently, the athlete Sahib-e-Asra shared heart-warming images and post on her official Twitter handle, depicting her love for her father.

“My father, a Masjid Imam”

According to her Tweet, Asra’s father is very proud of her. She asserted her father stood by her when the whole world besmirched her. She said that her father always encouraged and supported her. Besides, Sahib-e-Asra exhibited utmost gratitude towards her father.


Source: Daily Notable

Asra is Pakistan’s fastest women athlete. She has the honor of winning 100 meters gold medal in the national athletics championship. Last year in December, Asra participated in 4×400m relay at South Asian Games Nepal and became a shining star.

Sahib-e-Asra belongs to a middle-class family. She never let her background come between her dream.  Her father Qari Alam Khan, is an Imam in a mosque. Her father never let the caustic stereotype remarks come under the way of his daughter’s career. Qari Alam wholeheartedly supported his daughter and showcased to the world that Islam is not about bounding women. This is real feminism, isn’t it? Not like those showcasing provocative slogans in a woman march and doing nothing in practical for the betterment of women.

In a video message, Asra said that “I started my running career from a government school and competed at district, division, and provincial level,” She further added that: “I have given the best times in running in Pakistan after ten years.”

People on Twitter whole-heatedly reacted to the Asra’s tweet.

This is how the senator Murtaza Wahab reacted to her tweet

More Power to Asra

Maria Toorpakai, a famous squash player, admired Asra

Everyone salutes the brave lady

The duo of a great father and daughter

Indeed, she has inspired and still inspiring many women

Sahib-e-Asra and her father Qari Alam is a slap on the face of those people who think practicing Muslims hinders the path of their daughters towards success. The duo showed the world, Islam is not about invalidating women’s rights but about elevating the status of Eve’s daughter.

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