Israeli Force Re-Arrests Palestinian Prisoner Upon His Release After 20 Years

Israeli Force Re-Arrests Palestinian Prisoner Upon His Release After 20 Years

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You must have seen the viral video of a jubilant Palestinian woman dressed as a bride to welcome her husband back home. Israel released Majd Barbar on March 30 after he spent 20 years in prison. And, for his wife Fatima, it was indeed an Eid day! However, evil Israeli forces re-arrested Majd after a few hours.

Fatima’s and her family’s celebrations were ruined when Israeli occupation authorities re-arrested Majd. The Palestinian family waited to see its son come home after completing his 20-year-prison term in Israeli jails.

After 20 years, Fatima received her husband Majd yesterday. His daughter Zeina was only 15 days old when Majd went to prison. The world watched how happy the Palestinian family was.

Israeli force re-arrests Majd

Fatima told WAFA News Agency that the Israeli occupation authorities have arrested her husband again. According to some reports, they have shifted him to a Russian Compound prison. Majd’s wife added the occupation forces summoned Majd’s brother for interrogation.

Meanwhile, in another viral video, Israeli forces are seen attacking Majd’s home. They even resort to open fire at the people in the area. Majd’s wife and family were in shock.

The Israeli forces often re-arrest freed Palestinian prisoners. They hold them for few days to prevent their families, friends, and neighbors from celebrating their release. It is a way to disrupt their homecomings. The police also ban families from holding any celebrations.

Majd is from the Ras al-Amoud neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Israel arrested him on March 30, 2001, for his role in the resistance against the Israeli occupation. Majd then spent 20 years in prison.

‘2020 worst year for Palestinian prisoners in Israel’

A Palestinian official had termed 2020 as the worst year for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons. Qadri Abu Bakr, chairman of the Palestine Authority’s Prisoner Affairs Commission, told Anadolu Agency that Israel has hardened its practices towards Palestinians this year. “2020 is the worst year for Palestinian prisoners. The prison administration raids and attacks detainees’ sections almost every day.”

A total of 137 prisoners were infected by COVID-19 in Gilboa Prison in northern Israel, he said, stressing that Israel did not care about the lives of the prisoners and did not take protective measures. There are 360 Palestinians being held by Israel in the prison.

Israel and UAE had signed a deal in 2020 to normalize their relations, but the Muslim world including Pakistan had rejected it. Palestinians later also thanked PM Imran Khan for refusing to recognize Israel.

Story Credits: Quds News Network

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