Abbottabad Villagers Kill Endangered Leopard – Video Shows How A Mob Attacked It!

leapard in abbottabad killed

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this story disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

A leopard in the Abbottabad district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) entered the civilian population. As per rumors, it injured one person after which it was killed by the locals of the area. However, the other side of the claims otherwise.

The arrival of a leopard in the Palak area caused a stir among the people of a nearby village. According to the reports circulating on social media, the leopard attacked a man and injured him. However, taking to Twitter, Save the Wild shared a video of the tragic incident in which these men attacked a leopard despite it being in hiding.

Source: Twitter

Leopard, which is among the many endangered species, was inhumanely killed by two men. In the video, a man can be seen clubbing the leopard repeatedly with a stick. Another appears to be holding the animal down.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Here is the viral video!

Leopards were regarded as a ‘near threatened’ endangered species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). However, this is not the first case of a leopard being killed in Pakistan.

Endangering the endangered

Last year, as per news received from a wildlife non-governmental organization, a local hunter killed a female leopard in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. The worst bit? The female leopard was mating with her male partner when the hunter approached them. Had the mating period gone smoothly, they would have given life to more rare leopards and save them from extinction in Pakistan.

Source: Wildlife of Pakistan

Previously, numerous rare leopards have been killed for their skin or for being considered a threat. Animals exist for their own purposes and should be left to flourish and thrive as best they can without interference from humans. It is important to educate the local communities.

The tragedy is being lamented by lovers of nature, who believe that these animals need to be protected, not decapitated this way. If you think they will cause you harm, you need to alert the authorities such as WWF or Forest Department.

Regardless, some heartless people in Pakistan love killing animals. A DI Khan hunter who killed hundreds of sparrows for fun last year is a perfect example.

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