Iqrar-ul-Hassan’s Second Wife Speaks for the First Time of Her Marriage and Reveals Everything

Recently, word got out that journalist and TV presenter Iqrar-ul-Hassan had a second marriage with another renowned journalist Farah Yousuf. The news imminently became a hot topic on social media given the profile of Iqrar. Meanwhile, people started discussing his second wife and their curiosity grew since it remained a private affair.

However, Iqrar-ul-Hassan responded to all the rumors, taking a confident step in confirming all rumors. First, he shared a tweet in which he openly talked about both of his wives.

Shortly after, Iqrar came out on the media with a video where he revealed everything: details about his second wife, why he chose to keep it a private affair, as well as dissing all the trolls and people who tried to judge him.

کیا اقرارالحسن نے واقعی دوسری شادی کرلی ہے؟

کیا اقرارالحسن نے واقعی دوسری شادی کرلی ہے؟ خود میدان میں آگئے، اصل حقیقت ان کی زبانی جان کر آپ بھی تعریف کرنے پر مجبور ہوجائیں گے

Posted by Daily Pakistan on Friday, April 13, 2018

Now we know not many details about Farah Yousuf, just that she’s also a renowned anchor and now the second wife of Iqrar. However, we just came across a video where Farah reveals everything about her second marriage and answers all the questions that people have been urging to ask.

Here’s Farah Yousuf, Iqrar-ul-Hassan’s second wife speaking about everything:

Well, she seems to be having a good time with her friends and decided to randomly record a video. Who knew it would draw attention and serve as a piece of information for people in order to get to know her.

Iqrar’s second marriage became the talk of the town this past week. People also tried to bash him for opting for a second marriage, however, ever since he recorded that video.

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