A LUMS Student Reveals How She Got Robbed by a Local Cab Driver and the Details Are Horrifying!

It goes without saying but ride-hailing services in Pakistan have totally changed our lives. There are two major giants operating in almost every city now and has a customer base of millions. For years, people were compelled to make use of shabby, old and substandard public transport services. Now, these free market giants have revolutionized everything!

Source: The New York Times

You simply require tapping a few options on your smartphone screen and you shall have a ride of your desire at your doorstep. It’s that simple. However, as the popularity and usage of these ride-hailing services continue to increase, there have also been certain issues at large faced by the customers. The regular complaints are one thing; recently, there have been a few more cases where the customers’ safety and security were compromised. In fact, the cases were equal to crimes and it certainly calls for our attention.

With that being said, we just came across a student of LUMS who reported a horrific experience with a local cab driver. She reveals how she got robbed and had to escape midway resulting her sustaining several injuries.

Here is the whole incident narrated by the girl herself:

Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

This is too much…

Source: Twitter

The incident was reported on Twitter by her sister

She is actively making noise about it so that more and more people can grow concerned.

It’s absolutely distressing what the girl here had to go through. The ride-hailing service involved must do everything on their part to ensure their customers’ safety and security. Most importantly, they should take a leap forward in resolving the issue and play their part in the further investigation.

People are absolutely appalled to hear what happened to the girl in Lahore.

We need to be wary of such people. They could be lurking anywhere and it’s about time some strict measure be taken to ensure every customer’s safety.

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