This is How Your Favorite Celebrities in Pakistan Spent Their Valentine’s Day

Many of us have had our February’s singing “single bells, single bells, single all the way”. Or being in a state where there seems no room for Valentine’s day celebrations. This year though it’s really different and people all over are clearly celebrating. Some couples even puzzled other people that one can be very thoughtful being romantic, even with very small things that you never believed in.

Truly asking with respect to capitalism, Valentine’s day is nothing more than a gimmick that fills the pocket of florists, bake shops and restaurants. Many brands now use this day to leverage their sales by labeling their products “love charmer”, but the strange thing is expecting the same feeling from the person on the very day of 14th! How about a person feels more romantic on 10th Feb or 15th? For some people, it seems strange to turn the love switch on all of a sudden.

In Pakistan Valentine’s day celebration was banned but some people still managed to do it in their own way. Pakistani celebrities are never stepping back on celebrating Valentine’s day. So this year we witnessed some very lovely photos and captions.

All the celebrity couples here had the best time

WOW! Bilal and Uroose took a smart move of getting married on 14th Feb. Celebrations all in one, that too with their cute sons. These photos can’t get any adorable.

Noman Habib too had a beautiful Valentine with his cute daughter and wife

All Pakistani Drama

Minal Khan had a candlelight dinner on Valentine’s day; with this cute face who wouldn’t melt?

Mawra Hocane with a beautiful bouquet of rose, looking all casual

Heartthrob Feroze Khan giving all girls heart eyes. Making his girl-fans question like how does he like his morning eggs? 😉

This couple never fails to amaze us! Always adorable. Always cute.

Don’t worry we know many singles would have cried in the corner after looking at these photos of affection and love. Don’t worry we have got you covered. How about celebrating Valentine’s day with your bestie and show some love that you forget to show in the busy routine of yours? Changing the cliched course of manner is never a bad idea. Go out on a dinner date with your girl gang, believe it or not, you won’t regret this outing. While all the above photos should be saved in the archive for when you find your huggable boo, do it every month as Valentine. 😉

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