Pakistanis Had The Most Priceless Reactions To Valentine’s Day Getting Banned Across The Country

STOP RIGHT THERE. If you were thinking how to spend this Valentine’s day, abort everything. If you are in Pakistan, your plans just got tossed out of the window, courtesy of our government.

Today is 14th of February. You know what day it is. It is the day when you were supposed to go out with your loved one and express your love to them and more (pun intended). You were also supposed to wear anything red to mingle in the notion of Valentine’s day. But then you realize you live in Pakistan and there go all of your plans for Valentine’s day…

Source: News Media Live

Source: News Media Live

This year, our government has imposed an official ban on Valentine’s day celebrations in public. It means you cannot go out and celebrate with whomever you were about to. It also means you need to abandon those gift items, flowers, and chocolates which you were supposedly going to present your love interest tomorrow.

Yesterday was Monday and it could not get any worst for some people after the Islamabad High Court released an official ruling against celebrating it all across Pakistan with immediate effect.


While some may be crying and sobbing in a corner somewhere right now, others took to Twitter to cash in the moment and present us with some of the hilarious and priceless reactions. Safe to say, Twitter is on fire!

Pakistanis Portraying their Twitter Ranting Skills Talking about Valentine’s Day Ban:

A moment of silence for all those who were thinking to go out and celebrate Valentine’s day.

Seems like our government is relieved of the burden of many grave issues surrounding our country that they had to scramble towards Valentine’s day

What do you guys think about the latest ban on celebrating Valentine’s day? Hit in the comments!

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