A Girl gets married inside Jail in Karachi on Her Imprisoned Father’s Request and it’s Really Sweet!

Every individual looking to get married gets excited about the venue of their wedding. It’s a special moment for everyone and people like to make it as extravagant and fancy. If it were up to people, everyone would choose the best places to walk down the aisle on their wedding.

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Community halls, mosques, temples, churches, gardens, ballrooms, banquets etc., these are normally the places. But have you ever heard of someone getting married in a prison? That would be a complicated affair. It happened in Karachi just recently!

A local prisoner serving his sentence at district Malir jail in Karachi passed on the request to witness his wedding’s daughter. To our surprise, the bride and the groom were paraded inside the jail and the father got to be a part of it.

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In fact, the Nikkah ceremony and Rukhsati also took place inside the jail!

Have a look at the whole video below:


It was quite a heartfelt gesture and we are surprised how the jail administration was okay with it. Superintendent Malir, jail gave his blessings to the newly wedded couple!

It was also reported that it was a moment of joy, and inside the jail took up a typical scene from a desi wedding. The fellow policemen and guards started dancing to the moment as joy and happiness were spread.

We appreciate this remarkable gesture by the jail administration and wish the couple all blessings and great luck for future!

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