Remember The Hero Who Lost His Eyes While Saving 2 Women From Harassers? He Needs You Now!

faqeer hussain

While the governments of Pakistan fails to protect its women and children against the sexual offense, some brave citizens take the responsibility into their own hands. Faqeer Hussain is one of those praiseworthy men who prevented predators from harassing two women he had in his rickshaw. Back in October 2020, Hussain’s life altered in one owing to that incident wherein the culprits in revenge threw acid on him.

The harassers disfigured poor Hussain permanently and also took away his ability to see. Hussain is the sole breadwinner of his family. He has two young daughters and no source of income.

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Through crowdfunding, his daughters were able to collect some money for him. He was able to have a few operations. However, he has his whole life ahead of him, as well as that of his children. His eyesight has not been restored and he is desperately searching for the way ahead. A way, which seems extremely dim.

The government announces many funds and schemes to help such victims but never materializes. Meanwhile, the perpetrators of this heinous crime go scot-free, in a country where it is all too common and there are many tales of throwing acid, Hussain is destined to just be another statistic, left in the hands of others, a life ruined.

The GoFundMe organizer for Hussain’s fundraiser wrote, “I am trying to make his ending different. A better one, a more secure one for his family and children. I have contacted a Foundation that specializes in acid burn victims and am waiting to hear back from them.”

A little help can do wonders

Although people are donating, the organizers of the fundraiser are looking at some way to let this be a more stable income, something which will give him a livelihood for life. For him, the life of his children is very important. Their marriage, their lives, their responsibilities all weigh heavily upon him.

Source: GoFundMe

“This is extremely urgent. I do not know if medically anything can be done such a skin grafting, restoring his sight and I will be adjusting the donation amount once doctors ascertain how he can be helped, but the need of the day is to set him up with a life. Some life worth living for,” it further reads.

Below is a video that was taken at his home. It is in his local language, but actions, mannerisms, and human emotions need no words.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the following video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Any amount helps. Any one caring helps. Please help Hussain and his family as much as you can.

Hussain is, indeed, a man Pakistan needs today against beasts who are roaming around us to abuse our women and children.

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